Your students passes have been successfully transitioned to subscriptions

We are pleased to announce that subscriptions are now live and ready for teachers to create on their channels! In addition, we have completed the process of transitioning everyone from passes to subscriptions.

Any student that purchased a pass will now have been automatically switched to a subscription. These subscriptions will behave exactly like the students pass. The only difference is where we show it, and that you need to add your video on demand content to your subscriptions for students to be able to continue to view it.

One thing you may notice on your community management page is that the migrated passes all show as 1 month subscriptions, including weekly passes, and passes that were due to start at a future date may show as active.

Rest assured that the subscriptions will be active on the correct day, and that it will last for only a week in case of a former weekly pass. This is because there are no weekly subscriptions on Kuula and no upcoming subscriptions. So we couldn’t show the correct state for the migrated passes.

Everything will behave the same as if the student had a pass. This means that students cannot book on to classes until the subscription becomes active.

Of course, for normal subscriptions we allow students to book onto all classes no matter when it renews. This is simply a byproduct of migrating students from a pass.

With this migration complete, we no longer have 7 day subscriptions or passes available for purchase. Please contact for help with getting setup with subscriptions!