The little light that shone in the darkness of the winter lockdown. was the little light that shone in the darkness of the winter lockdown. For me, it is a wonderful and liberating platform to connect with teachers and students alike and share our mutual love of yoga, when both practicing and teaching. When the world seemed to be shutting down, still allowed people to connect, unite and open up. 

I graduated my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in December 2020 with The Power Yoga Company in Parsons Green, London. Just as I was brimming with excitement to get myself out there in the yoga world, studios and gyms closed their doors. But through I set up my own online studio by rearranging a spare bedroom in the house, and it was really empowering to schedule my own classes, set my own time, and own prices. The stripe fee that takes is also very agreeable so really does empower you and give you the tools to create your own yoga business. 

There was no commuting across town to the studio or risking being late with traffic, but with just a laptop and a mat I could re-create a studio at my own convenience. I began to teach my friends, family, and colleagues, beginning to build a little yoga community with regulars and to this day I still have my 10am class as it’s very special to me and has been wonderful to watch it grow through word of mouth and referrals. But it’s always peaks and troughs, ebbs and flows, sometimes just 2 students and sometimes 16 – but it’s not about the number of students who attend your classes, it’s about how you show up and teach to whoever attends by being present, committed, and serving them in that moment to the best of your ability. 

I am a great believer that personal transformation comes from within, and it is in our dedication to our discipline that we can often find freedom. 

By committing and holding a regular 10am slot to teach I ensured that I got onto the mat again and again to serve students online. I don’t think I would have grown as a teacher over lockdown if it wasn’t for as it really helped me find my own individual voice and approach to teaching yoga. It offered me a safe space, without judgement, without the critique of a gym’s fitness manager or studio owner, to really understand why I teach and how I teach. I’ve discovered that I am a very anatomically focused teacher but always pepper yoga philosophy throughout my classes to serve an interconnected and holistic experience of yoga and the teachings of the eight-limbed path. I am a very yang practitioner and that comes out in the way I teach, introducing equal parts flexibility as well as strength and conditioning. My classes use yoga as a moving meditation to invigorate the body and sharpen the mind for deeper self-awareness. Expect to sweat through a dynamic flow, focusing on building physical and mental strength, but also having fun along the way.

Yoga is not just for the naturally flexible but for those who want to work on themselves: just as you don’t go to a gym because you are strong, you go to become stronger. Always, I wish to fire students up, that they are stronger than they ever imagined, remind them they are capable of greatness, and empower them that they can unlock their highest potential through self-belief. 

I will continue to keep teaching on for a long time as I find it a very special place to connect with students. For example, just the other day I taught and had my friends (and now students) dial in from all over the world: USA, Australia, Malaysia, Denmark, Ireland, Italy. It was wonderful to see people tune in from all around the world to practice together as part of a global online yoga community. 

I now have the pleasure of teaching at The Power Yoga Company on Wednesday at 6:30am and Sunday at 8:30am, as well as my special Kuula slot at 10:00am on Sundays. I am in the process of finishing some sequences that are specifically designed for runners and athletes, which I am looking forward to sharing on Kuula too. 

Hope to see some of you there to flow together.

Come on, give it a go! What do you have to lose or maybe even find?