Release of The New Content Library

Multiple File Types – You can upload video files, audio files and document files (including images, pdfs and Microsoft office files etc). These files can be copied between collections and folders.

Set the cost of a file – The cost when bought individually inside of a collection

Customise expiry dates – Set Customised expiry dates for all file individual to your channel

Own your own content– All files can now be downloaded (by teachers)

Spotify Button – Instructors can add a Spotify playlist to a video file by inputing the Spotify playlist link into the relevant section within the ‘edit details’ form. Students can then click the Spotify button under the video and this will open the Spotify playlist in a new browser tab. The video and music can be played simultaneously. NOTE: you cannot play music and video simultaneously on IOS for an iPhone or iPad

Payment functionality – Ability for instructors to price a collection or file for sale at either a fixed price / pay what you can / free. 

Subscription Only Collections – Additional option for Instructors to offer a collection exclusively to their subscription members. Only those subscribed can access the files in that collection, general public can view the details pages but have to subscribe to buy. 

Ordering files – Instructors can choose whether their collection is ordered by content type or alternatively create a custom order. To enable custom order, please go to edit your collection details, and at the bottom enable ‘custom order’. Instructors can then drag and arrange files into an order that will be reflected on their library page.

Shareable links – On Channel library pages for both collections and files/videos users can find a share button to copy the shareable link to clipboard (they paste link to share)

Recording notifications – Kuula sends an automated notification email when an instructor gives attendees of a broadcast class access to the class recording

Gifting notification – Kuula sends an automated notification email for gifted collection/files, includes detail (ie. expiry date etc.). Email includes a link to the file/collection so that they can easily navigate to the location

Recording -Any broadcast class you do will be added to your library automatically as a recording. The recording can be attached to the broadcast class. This will in the future enable students who registered for the class to watch it again

Bonus feature -Teachers can use the Kuula camera app to create high quality on demand content. Now there is no need to schedule a class to use the Kuula camera, simply scan the QR code on your channel and then you can record content that is then saved directly to your library. (This is true for any camera app that works with Kuula broadcast)