Moving to Sudor – FAQs

How do I go about learning more about the new platform and starting to use it?

We’ve heard all your questions and we’ve created this FAQs doc to answer as many as we can. If you would like to see an example of a Sudor platform made by us for a former Kuula teacher click on this link:

How do I get started?

Simply let us know that you would like to move over to Sudor, we will create your initial channel page, categories and existing subscriptions, we will then share login information with you, from there you will be able to update your page and upload your content.

What will be the pricing on the new platform?

For Kuula channels that migrate to Sudor before the end of the year we will maintain the current pricing of 8% commission on earnings, there will be no fixed monthly fee. (Standard Sudor pricing is 15%, if you wish to include Sudor App access for your subscribers, in addition to the standard web access, the fee will increase to 15%).

Is my video content automatically migrated?

No, we will create your initial Sudor web page, but it will be your responsibility to upload any content you wish to keep. We are offering migration assistance for a fee per video. If you require this assistance with this, this can be done for GBP 0.50/USD 0.50/EUR 0.50/ZAR 10 per video.

How do I download my content from Kuula?

From your ‘Manage Channel’ area, navigate to ‘Content Library’. You can download directly from this page by clicking the menu button next to each file, alternatively you can download from your ‘Collections’ page by clicking into the collection and again clicking the menu button next to each file. In each case select the ‘Download’ option, please note that you can download multiple files simultaneously.

Will I have to change the URL I share with students on my social media or website?

Yes – once your migration to Sudor is complete you will need to update anywhere you currently share your Kuula channel link.

Is Sudor like Kuula whereby I’m only charged when someone pays me? Or am I charged regardless of sales? 

You will only be charged 8% when you make sales.

Would I have access to all the same features I use now?

The features that Sudor offers differ slightly. You will still be able to schedule and host live stream classes (using the Sudor 2-way-player), but you will not be able to schedule in-person classes. You will also be able to record your live classes on the 2-way-player, these classes are automatically uploaded to your channel for on-demand content. Sudor is a subscription based platform so your students will need to subscribe to a monthly/quarterly/annual subscription, but this could grant them access to live classes and/or the on-demand content. We also offer daily/24 hour access passes to those who only want to join for live classes or access single videos. 

Would the payment model look the same?

You will be able to create more than 3 subscription plans with multiple currencies for each plan you create. We will then charge 8% per subscription purchased.

Will their subscription transfer with password and usernames the same?

We will migrate all active subscriptions from Kuula to Sudor and these customers will simply continue their subscriptions on the new platform. We will send out a newsletter to all these subscribers letting them know they can use their email from Kuula plus provide them with a new password. They will be able to reset their passwords at any point.