Kuula Studio is live in beta

As you may know, we are almost ready to launch our new player, Kuula Studio. This will become an alternative option to Zoom, with the hopes of providing you a much better experience tailored to our industry. 

Kuula Studio is now in the beta stage on our platform, meaning we are currently in the testing phase and working hard to tweak features and perfect functionality. We would love it if you would help us with testing!

We will continue to implement new features and make further improvements based on your feedback, insights and suggestions, which are invaluable to us. Keep them coming!

What is Kuula Studio

Kuula Studio is a live stream video player that enables teachers to host their online classes directly from their browser. This  means that there’s no need to download anything. 

At the moment, Kuula Studio offers functionality on par with Zoom plus extra bonus tools! We are continually working behind the scenes to create and add exciting new features and we will keep you in the loop with progress updates. 

With the initial release of Kuula Studio you can: 

  • Stream in high definition
  • Record your class with a much a higher resolution than Zoom
  • Browser based
  • Talk with your students before & after the class starts in the class lobby (including emoji reactions!)
  • Start the class & begin the stopwatch when it is time to go 
  • Option to mute-all students when class starts
  • Spotlight your students 
  • Allow mics to be switched on or off
  • View participants details before, during and after class
  • View 16 students at once on the screen
  • Toggle between screens if over 16 participants

Questions you may have

Can I try Kuula Studio while in beta testing? 
Yes! We’d love for you to try it! Be mindful that we are still testing it and improving it every day, so we suggest you have a look around and get comfortable before scheduling a live class with your students. If you want to take a look, please schedule a test class in Private so that it does not show up on the live timetable!

Will Broadcast and Community (Zoom) classes continue to be available? 
Yes, both will be available alongside Kuula Studio. However, once it will have passed the testing phases, we will remove Broadcast classes as you will be able to have the same functionalities with Kuula Studio. 

Is it available on mobile?
Kuula Studio is currently available for laptops, but we are working on the mobile and tablet versions, which will be ready very soon. 

What does pausing a class do? 
Pausing a class means the teacher’s camera switches off and the students will be notified that the class has been paused. You can resume the class when you are ready.
Please note that if you stop the class instead, you will not be able to re-enter. 

What browser do you suggest using? 
So far, our tests show that Kuula Studio performs better on Google Chrome. 

Will I be charged for using Kuula Studio? 
No, at the moment Kuula Studio is part of our free offer for all our tools. We are working on our pricing plans for next year and we will give you plenty of time to check out our different options, so watch this space. 

I would like to share my feedback on Kuula Studio, who can I talk to? 
As always, our team is here to help and listen to you. For any feedback or question, please email 

We are excited to have you as our beta testers, let us know if any issues crop up and please bear with us as we iron out the kinks. Understanding what’s important for you is important to us, so please get in touch with any further questions.