Kuula 2021 Pricing Plans

Dear Kuula teachers, 

As previously announced, we will be charging a fee for Kuula’s tools starting in 2021, but because we want to make sure you have enough time to explore the platform including the new Kuula Studio, we are pleased to inform you that Kuula will be free until the end of February. This means you will be able to enjoy all our tools for free, including videos on demand for a little longer! 

Our goal at Kuula is to provide you with the best possible experience and tools so you can grow individually whilst enjoying the benefits of being part of a community. We have worked hard this year to define our new pricing offering, analysing different options and considering every aspect of teaching and streaming online classes, so we could put together the best pricing plans out there: 

You will be able to choose from 5 options: 

  • Free

New to Kuula? You get 1 month free!
But that doesn’t end there. If you wish to keep your channel active, but you are not ready to commit to a plan yet, you can teach a limited number of classes to a limited number of students each month.

  • Basic Livestreams – £25.99/month

This plan is ideal for teachers who intend to teach only live classes through Kuula, without the ability to upload video recordings on the platform. You will be able to stream unlimited live classes, group and privates, with all the benefits of continuous customer support and clients management. 

  • Basic Video on Demand – £25.99/month

If you do not wish to teach livestream classes, but you want to monetise your video content, then this is the plan for you. Upload unlimited VoD for your students to watch either individually or by purchasing a subscription.

  • Advance – £39.99/month

Choosing the Advance plan will enable you to upload unlimited Videos on Demand to your library, in addition to streaming 10 live classes and enjoying all the benefits of our clients management and customer support services. 

  • Premium – £69.99/month

With this all-inclusive package, you will be able to offer an unlimited number of live classes as well as unlimited Videos on Demand. The very exciting part of this offer is the possibility to integrate Kuula in your existing website, making it yours with your branding and style! It’s especially designed for those who wish to take their digital offering to the next level. This plan includes the possibility to organise workshops and courses.

Is Kuula really the cheapest option?

What you would naturally do after reading this is the tricky bit, the maths! But don’t worry, we have done this for you and you are more than welcome to triple check. 

We have reasonably benchmarked our Basic plan to Zoom’s pricing for live streaming classes, plus we have added all the costs that you would incur for booking and payment systems and we have created our best offer saving you over £10 per month*! 

If you are comparing prices with our Advance and Premium offer, it gets even better. Video libraries, membership tools and website development combined come with quite some costs, but we’ve made sure to keep this affordable and save you up to £35 per month. 

(*costs calculated by adding Zoom’s monthly fee + most common booking and payment tools such as Bookwhen, Acuity, Instabook, etc.) 

Revenues vs. Costs 

Wondering how much money you could make by teaching your classes on Kuula to justify the cost of your monthly subscription? Here’s a little example for you.

Let’s assume Jane teaches 3 live online classes per week with an average of 5 students per class. Jane’s classes are £6 per student, making her revenues £360 per month, which means Kuula’s monthly subscription is only 7% with our Basic plan of £25.99 per month. 

We checked similar platforms and their commission is 10% on average. 

Jane decides to start monetising her video content, hence she upgrades to the Advance plan. She starts 2 VoDs per week charging £8 each. Ultimately she will have 3 viewers on average, leading her to almost £200 of revenue per month! 

So all in all, Jane is very happy to teach on Kuula 🙂 

We hope you are currently enjoying everything that Kuula is offering and most importantly to continue seeing you grow as wellness and fitness professionals! 

For any further questions, please feel free to reach out 

Thank you for your continued support! 

Kuula Team