Introducing Yvonne Rocca, Pilates Teacher

What brought you into the world of pilates? As a kid growing up in Australia, I was obsessed with all things sports –  swimming, athletics, classical dance, weight training – I wanted to do it all!. Career wise in my twenties, I qualified as a personal trainer and then had 2 children which were both Cesarian births – based on my active background, I thought my core would recover well, but I struggled to find any connection to my centre and it was really only pilates that helped me recover. Thanks to my pilates, I now feel stronger in my forties than I ever did before.

What is your favourite thing about pilates? My favourite thing about pilates it  that it is a unified workout, each exercise is linked and the transitions are as important as the exercises. In a nutshell, mind and breath work together to train the body, and I feel empowered and strong after every session.

Best tips for practising pilates at home? Invest in a comfortable padded Pilates mat – yoga mats are often too thin and do not support the spine in Pilates “Spinal Mobility’ sequences which occur frequently throughout the workout.