Introducing your new content library!

Welcome to your new content library.

We have added a wealth of exciting new features.

Please note: We would like to inform you that this release only includes the pages for your channel management. This means you can:
– upload files (videos / audio / documents)
– add information to files, set pricing, expiry and categories etc
– Download your content
– Have recordings from Broadcast classes go into your library automatically
– Create collections
– Add folders
– Price your collection and set expiry date
– Archive files / folders and collections.

Today’s release does NOT include the student facing pages, so if you create a collection and add content, it will not immediately be available for sale. We are aiming to release the student facing pages by mid-July.

In addition, please note that we plan on adding the following features in the future:
– The ability to order your content in collections as you want
– The ability to gift your collection or files within the collection
– The ability to bring Studio recordings in automatically
– The ability to share recordings with students of your class
– More sorting options
– The ability to sell your content at difference prices (including pay what you can, and free!)
– The ability to use discount codes on VOD purchases
– Ability to share links to private videos / collections
– Improvements to the forms for creating classes / collections and files

All of this will be coming soon. This is just our first release of a big change to how we are doing video on demand.