Introducing Rossana Trajkovska, Yoga Teacher

Describe your class using just 3 words 
Gentle, Nurturing, Mindful

What brought you into the world of yoga? 
My journey into yoga began as a way to escape my very stressful lifestyle of trying to fit as much into a day as possible, multitasking at all waking moments, juggling a million thoughts in my head and desperate for some respite that never seemed to come. 

Overworked, burnt out and stuck in what felt like an incessant loop inside a revolving door of never- ending tasks and to-do lists. I imagined I would give myself some time off, some time to relax, when things slowed down a bit. When there was a bit less to do. But that time never came. I became a shell, a body moving in automation, a robot on autopilot. I lost myself. My spark. My soul. 

Yoga gave me a glimpse into regaining that. 

Yoga became my sacred time. Time for my soul to catch up with my busy body. A reminder to slow down, reflect and reset. A time to connect with my true desires, to renegotiate my priorities and to let go of that which no longer served me.

What’s your favourite thing about yoga?
I love that yoga has something for everyone. Young, old, Flexible or not. Yoga is for you. 

I’m really passionate about introducing children to yoga, and yoga as a family activity that can not only facilitate connection and mindfulness in the family unit but also promote and practice tools for better communication, cooperation and living in harmony.