Introducing Mariel Witmond, Yoga Teacher & Life Coach


Half English, half Mexican (with an American accent), Mariel has practiced ashtanga and vinyasa flow yoga around the world for over a decade. Leaving behind her high powered and high stress corporate job that left her unfulfilled and unhappy, she achieved her longtime dream of becoming a yoga teacher in the hopes of sharing with others the countless ways it has positively impacted her life. Mariel shares a passion for life coaching and nutrition that together with yoga have become the pillars for her business Mindful Sonder – a holistic approach to wellbeing. Through her yoga classes she teaches a dynamic yet playful class that takes you out of your overactive mind and into a meditative flow, combining breath and movement through creative sequencing to the rhythm of fun, curated music playlists. Her classes will leave you feeling balanced and re-energised for the day ahead.

Describe your style:
Creative, functional, challenging, playful, fun.

What brought you into the world of yoga?
I started practicing when I was a teenager as something I did with my mother to help heal our fractured relationship.

What do you like most about yoga?
That it keeps bringing me back to myself, challenging my limiting beliefs, facing my fears, clearing my mind, teaching me always that I am worthy and capable.

Any tips for students practicing at home?
Get yourself into a routine. Practicing at home can require extra motivation and it helps to encourage yourself to move each day – aim big but start small 🙂

What advice would you give to beginners?
Remember that we all started off as beginners. Trust the journey. Enjoy the journey. It’s where everything that matters happens!