Introducing Lorena Ulloa, Yoga Teacher

Describe your class using just 3 words:
Awaken Your Body

What brought you into the world of yoga?
I moved from my country of origin and found in yoga the opportunity to relearn to enjoy the present and be happy about it.

What’s your favourite thing about yoga?
My favorite thing about yoga is how a conscious breathing has the power to calm, energize, strengthen or help me feel better. I have developed the capacity to see everything with different perspectives and deepen my self-knowledge. 

What’s your  best tip for practicing yoga from home?
Try to find a space where you won’t be interrupted much. If someone interrupts you, assess if it/they can wait 30 min and if you need to pause, pause but don’t stop, pause and then go back to it. Eventually, family members will understand this is important to you.  

How do you make time for a yoga practice?
I have been practicing daily for ten years. I developed the habit of practicing in the morning. If I have a busy day ahead I wake up earlier to practice. What type of postures are your favourite to teach? Navel strengthening postures. 

What advice would you give to someone trying yoga for the first time? 
Focus on your breath and listen to your body. Little by little everything will make sense. Give yourself the permission to learn, listen and have fun.

A fun fact about you –  
I move around the world. I move to a different country every 2 – 3 years.