Introducing Laura, HIIT teacher

A short description of you and your class Passion, determination and enthusiasm.

That is how Laura would describe herself using three words. Born in Italy, but having lived abroad (mainly in the UK) for several years, Laura has an open minded and welcoming approach. She came to fitness and wellbeing, well, probably since she was born! Sports and nutrition have always been her interests and her goal was to make them into a career and help others to live a healthy lifestyle.

Describe your class using just 3 words
POWERFUL: the class shows you the power you have to push yourself beyond limits.

MOTIVATING: the class shows you that you can go until the end without giving up. Actually you realise that don’t want to give up.

FUN:the music, the rhythm, the personality of the teacher will make you enjoy the whole 30/45 mins despite the tiredness.

Would you describe your class as energizing or calming?
My class is a bomb of energy!! 

What’s your favourite thing about yoga?
What’s your best tip for practicing yoga from home?
How do you make time for a yoga practice?

The positive thing about high intensity training – in addition to be a great fat burning workout and metabolism raiser – is the fact that it can be effective with just a 30mins workout. So you do not need much time to complete the workout and that makes it very easy to find a moment to do it ! 🙂

What type of postures are your favourite to teach?
What advice would you give to someone trying yoga for the first time?Never think it’s too much for you. Everyone can get to a high level of training. No one is an alien. We all started from zero, I started from zero too. We can all make it! A

nd I will be by your side every minute to show you that you can make it..because eventually you will be the one who makes it! Not me! Only you! 🙂

A fun fact about you:
I have serious problems with right and left, therefore every-time someone asks for directions, the person ends up getting lost because I say “right” meaning left and vice-versa. So to avoid such mess, I just say “go there, turn there, and then turn there”