Introducing Beth Winsor, Yoga Teacher

Describe your class using just 3 words
Accessible, energetic and challenging.

What brought you into the world of yoga?
My family and I moved to India because of my husband’s job. A friend invited me to my very first yoga class and I got hooked. I loved how my body and mind responded to the practise. And what a privilege it was to learn in India, the home of yoga!
I eventually did my teacher training with the studio I was learning in and eventually taught there too. It was such a baptism of fire to be a foreigner teaching Indians yoga!

What advice would you give to someone trying yoga for the first time?
Come with an open mind and accepting attitude! If you allow it, yoga will meet you where you are.

A fun fact about you
I used to work as a presenter for a Filipino TV show based in Tokyo, Japan!