Introducing Amy Olivia Bell, Yoga Teacher

Amy’s best tip for practising yoga at home…

Create a little sanctuary area – somewhere clean, tidy, removed from distractions (turn off tech notifications + ask family/friends at home not to disturb you), light a candle, incense or use an essential oil diffuser/burner, play suitable mood music (uplifting or calming), have some inspiring quote or poetry books to hand to connect you to your heart and ignite you – I find all of this directly affects the energy of my practice and helps improve it by making it deeper and more enjoyable.

Amy’s favourite thing about yoga…

Is its versatility.  Whether you are more into the asana, the philosophy or devotional route there is a yoga path suitable and advantageous for everyone.  Even within the physical asana practice there are numerous styles to suit ones’ daily needs.  You can practise it anywhere, anytime, at any age.  And as you grow, your practice will adjust and transform accordingly. 

A fun fact about Amy…

I am learning to skateboard and surf.  I love both sports, but they are not easy and so they challenge me hugely, both physically and mentally.   Riding on the boards gives me a natural high, and as I am a beginner it’s very rewarding when I make progress.  When I watch the professionals, I am in total awe.

How Amy makes time for a yoga practice…

My advice for making time – is doing just that – planning and prioritising, otherwise the day’s duties and adventures will take over.  My meditation practice is part of my yoga practice so I kick start the day with that between 5.00 – 5.30 am.  I then have a schedule of yoga, fitness and movement practices throughout the week, always morning time.  I meditate late afternoon / early evening and if I have the time or feel the need I will add on some relaxing yoga as well.  I’ve recently bought a harmonium, so have been singing devotional chants, which I love A LOT so will need to find a time slot for that aswell otherwise I can go on for hours! 

Check out Amy’s Kuula YouTube Class

“Everything You Need To Feel Good”  Meditate – Move – Strengthen – Stretch

This class is great for when you are just having one of ‘those’ days and you need to take a beat, to drop back into your breath, body and the present moment.  The opening meditation will ground and calm you and the following flow will shift you into a better mood, leaving you feeling more open, uplifted and ready to take on the rest of the day.

Join Amy’s weekly Kuula yoga class…

She interweaves philosophy, mudras, and pranayama exercises into asana focused classes, which are creative, dynamic, and embodied.  Expect challenging flows and varied classes that will benefit you emotionally, mentally and physically.

Amy’s heart and soul filled classes will not only leave you feeling better than when you started but also help you integrate the teachings of yoga into your everyday lives supporting your overall wellbeing.

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