Introducing Allan Ray Enriquez, Yoga Teacher

I am Allan Ray Enriquez, a Filipino fitness coach and recently finished my 200-hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Pranalaya Yoga in Baguio City. Currently based in Metro Manila, I have dedicated my time to teaching online and creating online content to express my ideas. While most of my yoga classes are designed for beginners, Power Yoga is something that I have been teaching in other studios (and soon on Kuula!) to incorporate fitness in the asana practice. 

This class is a combination of myofascial release, mobility and yoga and I have decided to focus today on hip openers as most of our emotions and tensions are hidden in our hips.

What brought you into the world of yoga? Back in 2012 when I was active being a fitness blogger, I came across yoga and from then on, started to search for it to compliment my fitness routine.

What’s your best tip for practicing yoga from home? Create a space that is dedicated for your practice and continue being kind to yourself.

What advice would you give to someone trying yoga for the first time?  Flexibility is never a prerequisite for trying yoga, showing up is.