Important information regarding your old content library

With the release of our brand spanking new content library, we would like to introduce our plans for the old legacy video content.

  1. Any content currently uploaded to your old content library has been migrated over to the new library. As there are so many changes, we haven’t created collections based on your series, but you’ll find a lot of additional features either in this release, or coming very soon after.
  2. Your videos and series in the legacy version are still available for purchase and viewing to students. That hasn’t changed.
  3. Content added to collections and sold through the new feature will not immediately be available for sale. That will come a few weeks later.
  4. Once the student facing pages for the new content library have been completed and are bug free, we will prevent you from selling or uploading content to the old legacy feature.
  5. Any student who purchased access to your content on the old legacy feature will still have access for the full duration (2 days for a file. 30 days for a series).
  6. After 30 days from the point that we prevent purchasing existing videos and series, we will remove the old pages from Kuula. We will then expect all teachers to have made new collections and set up their channel appropriately.