How Kuula Got Started & Why

Before the spread of COVID when the world was forced into lockdown, my husband & I would talk about my prospects as a yoga teacher. I taught regular classes in studios across London and spent a lot of time creating unique sequences, playlists & inspiring content for my students. I was also trying to build engagement on Instagram and YouTube resulting in a lot of free content. Despite my personal successes as a teacher, I struggled to see tangible growth. Most of our conversations revolved around trying to capitalize on my expertise while empowering me to make more money because let’s be honest – teachers have been underpaid for a long time.

As we flew out to Mexico to visit family, we began this little side project to build a virtual studio, working meticulously with our co-founder and CTO Jon Taylor, who had been involved in our conversations about the future of yoga. These conversations quickly evolved into an exploration of our industry, such as how we can start to leverage modern technologies like computer vision, AI and machine learning, but we decided to start by addressing more current needs, resulting in the birth of Kuula. Little did we know just how needed what we were creating was about to become.

Three weeks into our holiday, the world went into isolation & we made the difficult decision to remain indefinitely in Mexico. Teachers around the world had to adapt to a new online reality in order to continue to teach and make ends meet, and this transition for many meant having to learn new technical skills and manage a lot more admin. On the other hand, it highlighted the importance of community and just how profitable teaching could be when you eliminate the impact of rent and overhead – not to mention the exhaustive cost of time and travel.

Recognising these and other industry pain points and addressing them, Kuula has developed into an end to end digital platform for those wanting to teach online – both live and prerecorded. Kuula aims to provide the necessary tools for teachers to grow their own businesses as entrepreneurs as well as build and engage with their communities. This is in addition to the work they do with studios.

Kuula currently consists of a team of 7 individuals deeply passionate about this idea that turned into a business. We are very excited about its future & hope you’ll join us on this journey!