Exciting changes

By now, hopefully you have noticed some exciting changes happening on Kuula. Our exciting new UI update was released last month, and this month we have released our new Content Library update!

Here are all the questions and answers you are likely to have!

  • Q: With the old feature, I could order my series and videos inside of it as I want. Can I do that with collections?

    A: Not right now. We will be releasing custom ordering of collections and files within a collection within the next few weeks. Once released, custom ordering can be enabled within the collection details page
  • Q: What are the recommended sizes for thumbnails?
    A: We will be releasing an improvement soon where thumbnails become a standard size. When that is released we will let you know the recommended size.
  • Q: Can I add a custom masthead to a collection?
    A: Right now, we use the thumbnail from the collection in the masthead. We plan to release an update to allow custom mastheads separate to thumbnails in the future.
  • Q: What types of payments can I set for a collection or file?
    A: Right now, you can only set a fixed price. But in a few weeks time you will be able to allow students to pay what they can, or access a file or collection for free
  • Q: Can I gift access to my collection or file?
    A: Yes! Please go to the payment > Gift access page to gift access to your files or collections. All you need is the email address of your student.
    Note: Please note, they will not receive an email informing they have been gifted. You should provide them with the link to the file manually for now. We plan to release automated emails in the next few weeks.
  • Q: Are recordings automatically added to my library?
    A: If you use our Broadcast functionality, your class will automatically enter your library. Then you can choose to give access to students for free who attended the class. You can do this by editing the file details, attaching it to your class and then selecting the students who you’d like to be able to watch the recording.
    Note: Students will receive an email letting them know they have access, as well as a link to the recording.
  • Q: I notice some weird visual issues. Will these be fixed?
    A: Yes! We are constantly updating and fixing any issues. Currently we are aware of several visual issues that we plan to fix. Including:
    – Collection / File cards sometimes appearing wider than expected on some screen sizes. Not all cards / images are consistent.
    – Recently added videos are not ordered correctly
    – Missing some sorting options that were present for series

    All of the above will be fixed in the next few days or weeks (depending on the bug. As well as future features that will enhance the feature even more.

Here is a list of all new features released today:

Released the public pages

  • Students can buy a collection at a fixed amount
  • Students can buy files at a fixed amount
  • Students with a subscription can watch files or collections included in the subscription
  • We show recently created collections, a list of all collections and a list of all videos.
  • We have a list of all collections
  • We have a list of all files
  • Students can navigate around the files in a collection, click into folders etc
  • Students can watch videos, listen to audio files in browser or download documents

Manage pages

  • Teachers can gift access to collections and files
  • Teachers can attach a class to a recording and give free access to the class
  • Teachers can copy links to collections and files and share with students
  • Teachers can make collections private and share the link with students
  • Teachers can share links to files that arent part of a collection with students (These files are private and can only be accessed by the student with the link, unless the file is added to a collection)
  • Teachers can add tags to collections and files, these are displayed on the page but don’t currently do anything


  • Students receive an email on purchase of a file or collection with the link to the file or collection, and all relevant information
  • Teachers receive emails when students buy a collection or file
  • Students receive an email when you add new files to a collection they’ve purchased (not for subscribers yet)