All about Kuula’s new look!

On Wednesday, 26th May we will be publishing our latest update to Kuula. This is our biggest update yet, and it’s been a while in the making. This blog post will have you familiarise yourself with the changes to the site.


As with all releases, there are going to be a few teething issues as we brush things up. We’ve already noticed a few bugs introduced and we’re working extremely hard to get them all cleaned up over the next few days! Please bare with us!

You may need to log in again:

Your login details have not changed. It should still be very easy to just log in with your existing details. However, as its a new site, the cookies on your computer (the data that stores your log in information) may have expired.

General changes:

Navigating the site: We have improved the user experience and here is a list of the main changes to your experience.

  • Your student profile and billing related settings can now be found in Profile and Preferences
  • Your activity on the site as a student can now be found by pressing the Activity button
  • If you’re an instructor, you can change channel related settings by pressing Manage channel.
  • The Community Schedule page can be found by clicking Explore in the header of the site, or in the menu.
  • You can search the site by typing into the input box on the header, or by selecting Search in the menu on mobile.

The three dots…

We have introduced a new menu navigation system across the site. On many pages you will note these three dots.

Clicking this button will open up a menu. This menu changes depending on what you are trying to do. In this context, it would allow you to cancel the booking, or view the class.

On the Manage Channel page, when you schedule a class you will see this component on the site.

Teach class = Will take you to the class room and allow you to teach directly! A huge improvement on the user experience of the old site.

View participants = Will show you the participants of the class, how much they paid, and if the class has finished who joined or didn’t attend.

View on channel = Will take you to the class details page. If you’re doing a private class, you can click this button to take you to the class details page. From there you can share the URL with students.

Duplicate = Duplicates the class and fills in the information automatically. You can then just change the date and pricing of the class.

Edit details = Edit some of the details for your class

Cancel class = Will cancel the class and send an email to students who registered for the class letting them know the class has been cancelled. You will still need to refund credits manually or contact Kuula to process a refund.

Teach Broadcast classes

You can find the QR code for Broadcast classes under the Schedule menu section. As seen here:

Gifting content

You can gift access to your live classes, subscriptions or class packs from a new page!