8 Reasons to Take Your Practice Online

Prior to this global pandemic and the world being forced into isolation, teachers had the choice of whether they wanted to have an online presence or not. Some focussed exclusively on teaching in studios, some wanted to build an online following and something of an influencer social status. Due to open platforms like Instagram and YouTube, some would argue that online credibility was at times questionable – and many well-established teachers shied away from this direction.

As social distancing measures were implemented and teachers could no longer teach in their studios, the only option available in order to continue teaching was to find an online solution. There was a wave of free classes on IG Live, which limited teachers to exactly 60 minutes before getting cut off until teachers began to move their paid classes over to Zoom – while some went to YouTube live. Whether this forced move online was embraced or fought against, gradually the benefits began to surface and became undeniable.

Here are 8 reasons to teach online:

  1. Accessibility – students around the world now have access to your classes.
  2. Ease – teach from the comfort of your home, creating your own personal at-home studio.
  3. Time Management – no need to waste time travelling to and from studios or deal with the burn out of rushing from place to place.
  4. Profitability – making money directly without the need to pay for rent or overhead means teachers are making significantly more than they did in studios.
  5. Ability to Record Live Classes for Students to Access Later – often students cannot make the times of your live classes, so why not record them for students to access later and make more money on attendance.
  6. Videos on Demand – record videos and allow students to access them in their own time allowing you to make passive income.
  7. Personal Brand Development – being forced online has encouraged teachers to build their personal brand identity to set them apart from other teachers. It has helped to create brand awareness and more of an entrepreneurial mentality in how we approach our business.
  8. Community – though many would argue that community is about being together in person, an amazing new online community has emerged, reinforcing the importance of our communities as teachers.